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After the Massage

DRINK WATER! This is the easiest way to get rid of that post-massage grogginess...or your massage hangover (you know that feeling the next day of being hungover or exhausted after having a massage). I like to recommend that you drink enough water to have to use the bathroom in the hour following, then at least once on the hour after until you go to bed.

Take a bath. Epsom baths help draw out any toxins floating around in you. Mix a cup of epsom salt, maybe some of your favorite essential oils, and soak for 15 minutes or so. 

DO YOUR HOMEWORK! This helps what we did during the massage take and keep, preventing issues from creeping up again!

Before the Massage

Understand your needs, what hurts, what is sore, what needs little attention versus a lot of attention. Communicating your needs is crucial, prior to EVERY session we complete a session form. This helps us understand a quick snapshot of where you are. Staying hydrated and keeping your muscles flexible in between sessions also helps us focus more on you!

During the Massage

Continue to communicate! Let us know if the pressure is too much- or not enough. Is your chin resting on the face cradle bar? Is the face cradle bar too high/low? Are you too hot/cold? Most of your needs can be met during the session. This is your massage and you should leave happy!

Understanding Your Body

Self-knowledge is a key ingredient in empowerment. Knowing what you may be overlooking can be powerful! Click the picture above to begin investigating your body and find some great home-work tools for you!

Self Empowerment

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