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  1. Can you help me surprise someone with a massage?
    • ​This is only a good idea if you are aware that (1) the client enjoys bodywork and (2) that they don't have a regular massage therapist. Telling them ahead of time is a good idea as well, surprise them with a certificate- rarely, but it does happen, people are shocked and don't want to get on the table if you surprise them on the spot with it.
  2. What does a full body entail?
    • ​At The Holistic Hummingbird full body means FULL BODY- the only spots left untouched are breast tissue, intergluteal crest, and genitalia (see special considerations below). Prior to your massage you'll be asked if certain key areas are okay to be massaged: face, scalp, abdomen, glutes, and feet- these are the most common areas for people not to want massaged.
  3. Why is your prenatal massage offered at a lower cost?
    • Pre-natal massage is discounted because in general the client gets less table time due trying to get them adjusted on the table, the work on the therapist is easier to perform (pregnancy hormones cause tissues to soften and therefore the therapists can sink in with less effort), and the frequency required to maintain pain relief during pregnancy.


  1. ​Isn't massage a luxury?
    • ​Massage is not just for pampering! In fact, more often than not, clients are here because they are in pain. Most people do not see the value in massage until they have reached their limit of pain. Once someone experiences the relief massage can offer it is hard to not want to continue bodywork.
  2. Do I undress fully?
    • Each client is entitled to undress to their level of comfort, which is different for everyone. Clients can wear as much or as little as they would like, as long as they get under the sheets prior to the therapist entering the room. Draping is used to protect the client and therapists modesty.
  3. I have never had a good massage or I have a hard time being touched, what can you do for me?
    • EveryBODY is different, this is actually more common than one would think. Many see the benefit of pain relief in massage, but have a hard time being touched- or their previous experiences with massage have caused them to shy away from bodywork. There is a number of things you can do to enjoy the massage/acclimate to being touched:
      • Try getting used to massage with clothes on
      • Get a massage with more lotion
      • Try being rocked and compressed instead of traditional bodywork
      • Try hands on energy work
      • Get lighter Swedish prior to plunging in to deeper work



  1. Why would you massage an infant?
    • Infants benefit from bodywork just as we adults do, some of the incredible benefits of infant massage are:
      • Increase myelin sheaths around brain cells
      • Increase the bonding hormone, oxytocin, in both parents and infants 
      • Helps ease digestive issues and colic
      • Nice supplement to breastfeedng bonding and pre-bedtime relaxation
      • Building trust in the relationship
    • Infant massage is not done by the therapist, rather the therapist teaches the parents how to massage their baby


  1. I have nut allergies, does your lotion have nuts in it?
    • Most our lotions do have nuts in them. We can perform massage without lotion or with non-nut oils, but the risk of a severe allergic reaction is still present due to the possibility of cross-contamination


How many sessions until I'm pain free?

Can you do anything for bone dysfunction?

Can massage get rid of my cold?

Can you massage people with cancer?

Can you massage the elderly?

Can you do anything for chronic pain/issues?

Can you do anything for acute pain/issues?

What if I have pain around the groin area?


Should I expect to hurt the day after?

I didn't like how my therapist worked on a specific area what should I do?

I forgot my homework assignments, what should I do?

Why would you recommend going to another therapist or specialist?

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