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​​​​The Holistic Hummingbird, llc

We understand life happens and want to make sure we share a mutual respect for each others schedule. In the event you need to cancel an appointment please call us ahead of time and let us know. Fees may be waived on case by case basis, but the following is the Fee Schedule for all no-shows and cancellations within 24 hours:

  • No-Show= $50
  • 24- Hour Cancellation= $25 per appointment for first three, full price of massage thereafter

Fees need to be paid prior to continuing massage services. Fees will be deducted from vouchers, certificates, or credits on file if available. Vouchers will represent purchase amount and not price of massage. 

Inclement Weather Claus

In the event of inclement weather, we want you to be safe! Please let us know if you feel unsafe to drive, we will waive cancellation fees if we determine sufficient basis for this. 

Sick Claus

Cancellations for being sick will also be waived a fee, if the client calls the morning of with at least two hour prior to appointment. 

Mainly, we just want you to call us and let us know. 

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